Monday, December 5, 2011

Richmond Flute Festival 2011

Richmond Flute Festival, December 3, 2011  Virginia Commonwealth University

The Richmond Flute Festival attracted 100 or so flutists from all around the state of Virginia and beyond for an action packed day featuring Bonita Boyd.  It was a busy day, and my trusty Trailblazer had a much lighter load as we headed north and home to Delaware on Sunday.  As in yesterday-wow.

Tabatha Easley and Susan Davis ran a very tight ship, with a schedule that allowed for participants to spend lots of time at the exhibits-a real plus for yours truly.

I was met at the entrance to the festival by Daniel, who heroically moved in all those crates of music, and THEN played in the college division flute competition.  What a trouper.

My booth was next to Miyazawa, and my good friend Keith Hanlon.  We barely had a chance to exchange more than a hello and a hug, as interested flute players descended on our tables.  It was fun to see Gabby as well, who is so enthusiastic about the flute it is contagious.

I remember back in the 80's when Bonita Boyd recorded the Paganini Caprices, and that recording really rocked my flute world.  I ran out and got the Caprices, and that started a career-long fascination and love of these marvelous works.  So I was thrilled that she included three in her program.  Sadly, I had to listen to her concert through closed doors, but so much came through in terms of dynamic contrast, elegant phrasing, and amazingly fluid technique.  Guess what is on my music stand today??

I gave a talk on careers in music that included the "unspoken" rules of orchestral playing, my experience of coming from a music department at a state university that at that time was 25 students strong, and the phases my career has taken.  I also played the David Chu headjoints so the participants could hear the wide variety in tonal colors available in the various varieties of wood.  I had a good time-I hope they did too!

The welcome sight of an army of willing students to help me pack up was most welcome after a day of busy booth time.  Believe me I slept well Saturday night.

Below: a happy flutist with her new FluterScooter Black Patent Leather case cover.  For fashion mavens: note how the case cover matches her patent leather shoes ;)

Above:  FPS booth at VCU and Richmond Flute Festival.

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