Wednesday, December 7, 2011

David Chu Headjoints

Aren't these colors intriguing?  These are the colors of David Chu's exquisite headjoints, made of exotic woods from around the world.  Alan Weiss of the Haynes Flute Company made me aware of these fabulous headjoints  earlier this year, and I am totally taken with them.  My personal favorite is the heavy wall grenadilla, which has a dark, walnut-quality sound.  I have learned that the darker the wood, the darker and more complex the sound.  Wooden headjoints enhance music of  the Baroque, Mozart, chamber music, and are a wonderful blend in a woodwind quintet.  Experience for yourself the difference when playing works like the Nielson Quintet...the lines with clarinet are quite simply illuminated.

These headjoints are very popular here at Flute Pro Shop, and Santa has even been by to select one or two for especially good boys and girls.  These are truly for the flutist who has everything!

You can stop by the shop to audition them, or visit the Flute Pro Shop booth at any of the regional flute festivals at which we exhibit.   To learn more about our event schedule, please stop by the web site: 

Here's what Alan Weiss has to say about David Chu's fine work:

David Chu creates a variety of wood headjoints in a choice of contemporary and traditional styles which capture a wide spectrum of timbre and response. His craftsmanship as a headjoint-maker is superb and complements the flutist seeking the most beautiful sound and quick response. He understands and has mastered his art, having been both a flute-maker of modern-day instruments as well as one of the world’s leading restorers of antique Boehm flutes.  David’s artistry rivals today’s very best headjoint makers, such as Haynes, with his unique specialization in exotic woods.

                          Artist-in-Residence, William S. Haynes Company(


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