Saturday, October 1, 2011

Some Fun Facts

Ohio University at Athens is a beautiful place, and here are some fun facts: founded in 1804, it was an outpost in the then-northwest frontier.  Hard to believe, but then drive west on I-50 and go 2 hours + before anything looks civilized.  (I was glad I followed my Dad's advice: "When traveling alone, don't let the gas tank get lower than 1/2 full." )  The town of Athens is on the same parallel as Athens, Greece, and is surrounded by the same number of hills and ridges.  The University boasts 21,000 students, doubling the size of the town when school is in session.

Good to be home.  The welcome from Blitz and Maverick was very warm indeed!


  1. Yes, you did!! What does Maverick have in his mouth??