Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Athens, Ohio and Ohio University

Is there any place on earth more beautiful than the western MD mountains as the leaves start to turn?  Not coming up with anything right now.  That was the scenery for much of the drive from DE to OH.  I drove through really wild and empty parts of WV on Route 50.  And I had the most fascinating traveling partner: Jackie Kennedy.  I am listening to her memoirs on CD and if you want something totally captivating, listen to those CD's and read the footnotes in the accompanying book.  Truly remarkable and very intimate.

I am visiting Alison Sincoff's studio here at OU.  Tomorrow I will display, and give a presentation on Power Lung at night.  Alison is a gracious hostess, and her little boy, Noah, is a wonderful flirt.  He can make me laugh with just a funny look.

Alison really knows her stuff!  She is a great player and very knowledgeable regarding pedagogy, repertoire, and the way a person can make their way through the music world.  She has studied with John Bailey, Alexander Murray, and Bradley Garner.  Alison has won many competitions sponsored by NFA and was one of only 2 American flutists to be invited to perform at the 4th Kobe Flute Competition.  She has performed with many mid west Orchestras, is active in chamber music, and really represents the total package for a college music major.

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