Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Random acts of kindness.

Today the big task was to load everything in the trusty Trailblazer for the trip to Ohio Univ. and the studio of Alison Sincoff.  14 crates of music, each weighing 40 lbs.  Our shop is on the 2nd floor, and there is a tiny elevator that I am not supposed to use in this manner.  Who said that?  I never heard it!

So I had a staging zone just inside the glass doors that lead to the parking lot.  And just outside that door was an African-American man I had seen at the building before.  He was thin, and his face looked as if he had been badly burned.  His clothes were baggy, and because of the burn, his mouth was always open.  He saw the towers of music crates, and watched me pull the TB up to the doors, put on the flashers, and begin to load in the music.

"Ma'm.  I can help!"  Really?  The crates were heavier than he was.  But he set to it, and in no time all 14 were loaded in, and I was not exhausted.  Looking at the ground, my new friend said, "Do you think you could spot me a couple of dollars?"  "Of course!  I had already planned on it."  Going back to the office, and as my friend carried 2 empty suitcases (for flutes) up stairs, I grabbed a $10 bill.  I handed it to him, his eyes widened, and he reached out for a hug.  This was not a little polite hug, it was a full bear hug, complete with back slapping and hearty "Thank you's", "Bless you."  "My name is Charles.  I am glad to be your friend."   "I am Joan, and I am glad to be your friend."

He spent 20 minutes of hard work helping me with no real idea of a reward.  And he gave me the kind of hug my dad gave me.  My eyes filled with tears.

Kindness comes in all shapes and sizes, and presentability.  I am grateful for Charles.

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