Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Make Mine a Million in Philadelphia: Amazing!

Just back from the M3 conference in Phila. and except for traffic that moved at a glacial pace, the day was amazing!  I spent time with Debrah Huyer from People Biz, who cracked open my head and took out negative thinking and replaced it with powerful insights.  She really knows her stuff!  Bought a gorgeous tunic from Princess Jenkins of The Brownstone who has amazing fashion items and can find the perfect thing for you!  Loved all the break-out sessions, and had the best table for lunch when it came to networking.  Nell Merlino and Isisara Beh are leaders with vision.  Back to the shop to sell two gorgeous Muramatasu flutes.  Good thing I wore my lucky necklace!  What a day :)

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