Sunday, October 23, 2011

Jan Vinci concert in Philadelphia October 22, 2011

What a fabulous production the Flute Society of Philadelphia offered on Saturday afternoon!

How often are Jennifer Higdon, Katherine Hoover, Cynthia Folio, Marc Vinci, Jeffrey Khaner, Loren Lind, and Eileen Grycky in the same room?  When Jan Vinci is in town to premiere the Jennifer Higdon Flute Sonata co-commissioned by the Brannen Brothers Flute Foundation, the Greater Philadelphia Flute Society, and Skidmore College. 

First let me say that Jan Vinci is an artist of the highest degree.  She displayed brilliant tonal colors, enviable technical mastery and elegant musical phrasing.  Every piece on the program was performed with integrity and understanding of the composer's intent.  And what a program it was!  Jan played her husband Marc's solo flute work, "Crow's Nest" which was a fusion of jazz, extended techniques and the influence of beat boxing.  Katherine Hoovers "Medieval Suite" is a brilliant display of technical and musical drama.  The Jennifer Higdon Sonata is three movements long, and picks up where the Liebermann Sonata leaves off, with demands made on all aspects of technique and musicality.

 I must also remark on the power and beauty of the piano playing of her collaborative pianist, Pola Baytelman.  She performed the Lowell Liebermann "Gargoyles" with complete mastery and power.  The almost fiendish 3rd movement was so exciting chills were going up and down my spine. She also played the George Crumb "Christmas Suite" for prepared piano with the same energy and flare.

It was an event not to be missed-although well attended, the performance deserved an SRO crowd. 

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