Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Kutztown University: beautiful autumn campus!

Yesterday was a beautiful day to take the 1 1/2 drive to Kutztown University and the flute studio of Susanna Loewy.  The campus has a real college feel, with 19th century red brick buildings lovingly restored, beautiful grounds and hanging baskets flowing with colorful autumnal flowers.  Such a gem of a campus!

Susanna's students gathered for the studio class in which I presented a talk on flute manufacturing today, materials and price points, and guided a student through the flute trial process.  They had great questions, seemed to absorb everything.  I had the chance to hear Susanna work with a couple of students and I admired her exacting yet thoughtful guidance.  She asked the students several times: "Does that make sense?" which to me gives the student the dignity of asking for clarity without feeling dumb.

The other thing about Susanna is her dedication to triathalons.  She invites her students to go on a run with her on Tuesday AM's.  Wow!!  Talk about a multi-dimentional person who walks the walk!  If I lived closer, I would show up and join the run!

Back at the shop today, my awesome publicist Michelle, of ArtsInMedia and I organized photos for publication on the web site.  What a process a web site is!  Well worth it-sales online are increasing steadily.

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