Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Surviving Hurricane Sandy Circuit.

Greetings from deluged Delaware on the 2nd day of Hurricane Sandy.  We made it through without losing power, but we were ready!  Still raining today, so staying in just to be safe.

So, what's a flutist to do in such weather conditions?

Set up a circuit!

Try this:

Repeat 3 times:

Power Lung exercises x 15
Practice for 45 minutes. 
Run your stairs.  I did 3 stair cases on a route, up and down each x 5
Free weights: 15 reps each: bicep  curls, tricep kick-backs, shoulder raises, squats.

This, interspersed with watching the news, took 3 hours.  Boy was I smug afterward!

Today, my circuit will be:

Repeat 3 times

Power Lung x 15
Yoga sun salute x 5
Practice 45 minutes
1 mile on the treadmill @ 4 miles/hour
15 Crunches
Clean a closet: 1. my clothes, 2. the linen closet, 3. hall closet

I plan to start this just as soon as I am saturated from the Weather Channel reporting.

Join me, and you can more than survive the storm!!



  1. Joan,
    I've been thinking about you... I was in LA when you phoned last week and got home in time to prep for hurricane. Call me about flute when everything is back to normal.

    Thanks Paula

  2. Wow,It is a good thing that there are still people who can make the most even if under the devastating super storm.