Thursday, September 20, 2012

Ode to my Concert Shoes

It was love at first sight.  I was in an upscale shoe boutique, lured in by the "SALE" sign, and there you were.  Black peau de soie pumps.  3" heel, a height I knew to be non-life threatening.  But the real selling point was-drum roll- your rhinestones around your toe box!  My heart was racing.  You fit beautifully. Even at 50% off, you cost more than any pair of shoes I had ever owned.

That was 30 years ago, and my love for you has grown substantially over the years.  You never let me down.  You always look beautiful.  I can dress you up, or dress you down-you go with every concert dress or dress pants I own.  You are fabric; you give as I stand through long flute and harp concerts, and my feet stay comfy, my balance secure (or as secure as it can be.)

You have been with me in moments of triumph, sheer terror, through 2 hour concerts that end with 3 high D's on the last page, through 2 pregnancies.  You have been to Carnegie Hall, Avery Fischer Hall, Philadelphia's Academy of Music and Kimmel Center, the Bethlehem Bach Festival, and hundreds of venues nationwide.  You stood by me when a concert presenter had me walk through a construction zone in order to play "Syrinx" in the dark from the back of a hall undergoing renovation. 

And there have been some humorous moments.  Remember the time I pulled out to pass a slow moving soprano on a marble floor?  You didn't let me slip and fall while in a long gown and holding a 14 K flute.  I will always be grateful for that one!  Or how about the time the American flag blew over in an flute/harp concert, narrowly missing me; causing the audience to gasp in horror? Or the orchestra concert when I was given a solo bow and stood up on the hem of my skirt?  Your leather soles let me slide my feet and get into a standing position.

In my life, few individuals have been as dependable as you.  And now, even though you are slightly faded, and some of your rhinestones have fallen out, and you have a couple of threads that need to be clipped, I will continue to wear you with pride.  We began this journey together, and we will stay together until it is time to hang us both up.  

You are my very own Velveteen Rabbit.

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