Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Hurricane Sandy: Flute Pro Shop Reaches Out

To all our customers and friends in New Jersey, New York, West Virginia, and all the areas in which the wrath of Hurricane Sandy was felt: you are very much in our thoughts today as we open up the shop and feel the relief of no damage to life or property here in Delaware.

Apparently we are enjoying this relief because the storm hit the cold air of a high pressure ridge in the Atlantic Ocean 50 miles later than forecast, causing it to hit land in New Jersey rather than the Delaware Bay as originally forecast.

It gives all of us at FPS pause to think how delicately life is balanced.  50 miles is from here to Dover, DE: less than an hour's drive (if you drive like me.)  That storm was enormous: 900 miles wide.  50 miles is a blink.

It is with an attitude of gratitude that all of us at Flute Pro Shop make the offer of deeply discounted repairs to anyone whose instrument has sustained storm damage.  We will also discount shipping.  If your music library has been damaged, we will help you replace lost music.

Please contact us at info@fluteproshop, or call 302-479-5000.

It is our hope that those of you affected by this devastating storm will soon be able to put your lives and property back together quickly.


  1. Will you accept donations to offset the costs of helping flutists affected?

    1. With gratitude! Let's see what comes in. I'll be in touch!