Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New Photos for Joan

I have never been one that the camera likes.  You know how some people, well, the camera just loves them?  They look better, much better through the lens than in real life?  That is NOT me. 

The industry standard "head shot with instrument"  is a problem in itself.  How can you make a flute look interesting?  No curves, no real physical presence, and yet it must always accompany you in publicity photos.  Let's face it, how many interesting flute-holding angles are there??

I've had photos that make me look like I haven't slept in days, or much older than I really am (a total travesty.)  I remember once, early on, when we still had black and white photos taken, I came home from the shoot, my kids took one look at me, and ran screaming from the room.  For b/w photos, your face was made up in reverse, and the colors were shades of brick red.  Wicked Witch of the West must have been their impression.

Then there was the make up artist/hair stylist that used so much hair spray I had to shampoo my head 3 times to get it out!

Photos with the harp were fun, too.  Getting both flute, harp, and 2 musicians in a photo made for hours of contortions sitting on a stool, shouldering the harp, getting just the right hand angle on the flute.  Not fun.

Then December 29 happened, and I had FUN in a photo shoot.

Make up Artist extraordinaire, Kristen Lober, came to the shop, expertly applied make up that let me look my age (don't even go there!!) and at the same time polished and professional.  See for yourself:

And we had FUN!!  Lots of conversation about flutes and flutists, since  Kristen herself is a talented flutist.  But also chatted about make up, fashion, accessories, all that really fun stuff that makes me glad I am a girl.

But what was so wonderful about this session is that she listened to me, really understood what was important to me and my shop, and came up with photos that make me very happy.  Such a relief.  And my kids, now grown, recognize me.

Need a good photo?  Shoot me an email (pun intended) and I will give you Kristen's contact information.

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