Monday, January 23, 2012

Packing up the shop for Florida Tour

Here I am, in Wilmington, Delaware, over looking the parking lot for the shop which is icy, drizzly, and foggy, and packing up the shop for a trip to sunny Florida where I hear the high is going to be 76 today!

The schedule is: Wednesday the 25th at University of North Florida in Jacksonville, Thursday the 26th at Stetson University in Deland, FL, and the Florida Flute Convention from the 27th through the 29th, in Orlando.  And then a swing to Delray to visit my daughter and West Palm to visit friends.  A week away, so no way can I do this in two checked in bags!!

Last week, we shipped 4 cartons of music and one big box of flutes to the first venue.  Yesterday I packed up the accessories in one large case, and today the display items and signage, and then the handmade flutes that I will carry on board with me.  My third bag is for me!  How can I pack 4 show outfits, 3 pairs of shoes, flip flops, FL clothes, exercise clothes, and makeup and cram all that stuff in one of the show bags??  Then there are all the charging cords and their items: I-phone, Kindle, laptop, et al.  I love Southwest Air, and one reason is that I only pay for one checked bag.

And then there are all the FPS items clamoring to be taken to Florida!!  Must take Fluter Scooter bags, Wiseman cases, Altieri case covers, Lyricraft pegs, Flute Flags, BG France flute care items, all the point of sale items, display items like the table cloth, handmade flutes, step-up flutes, consignment flutes and piccolos....let's see, what did I forget??  Wristies for sure: I think all I am packing are spoken for.  Thumbports in all colors...

Headjoints!  Two 8-headjoint display cases: lined in violet velvet, leather exterior, and brass catches.  All metals look good in these cases.

How to avoid panic?  Not quite sure, but I will be on that plane at 8:00 Wednesday AM and then what is packed is packed!

Now it is time for some real panic....

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