Monday, November 14, 2011

West Virginia University: Flute Fling Autumn 2011

Another excuse to drive through the beautiful mountains of western Maryland presented itself with the opportunity to show flutes, music and accessories at West Virginia University's Flute Fling this past weekend.  Hosted by Nina Assimakopoulos, shown above in her studio (as spokesmodel for Flute Pro Shop) the event had an energy and sense of fun much like Nina's! 

The schedule left nothing undone.  Here is what happened Saturday:

9:00 Acting and Expression Workshop with Actor and Flutist David Houston of Boston Flute Academy

10:00 Flute Master Class with Michelle Cheramy of Memorial University in Canada

11:00 Piccolo Master Class with Therese Wacker of Indiana University of Pennsylvania

1:00 Flute Master Class with WVU flute professor Nina Assimakopoulos

2:00 Flute Master Class with Katherine Kemler of Louisiana State University

I was stationed at my exhibit, but heard the buzz of the students as they came and bought (lots of) music and accessories and auditioned flutes. From what I heard, each teacher gave a thoughtful and insightful masterclass, and each offered words of congratulations and encouragement in the hallways afterward. 

There was plenty of help moving in and out, which makes the day so much better for yours truly!

Graduate assistants Keith Hanlon (DMA) and Amy (MA) were the organization geniuses behind the scenes.  They worked seamlessly together. I always love to spend time with Keith and talk flutes!! Lunch was ordered-a highlight of my day :)  Once again a vendor-friendly event! 

Dinner Saturday with the guest artists and Nina and her children was a highlight.  Nina's daughter is a swimmer-we had lots to talk about.  David Houston is a great story-teller, as are most flute players, so we had a great time telling our most outrageous experiences.

The trip home was beautiful-my murder mystery keeping me on the edge of my seat the whole way (Look in the briefcase!  Now!!  There's a BOMB!!!) Got home in time to join the alto flute section of the Greenville Flute Orchestra for the Candlelight Concert conducted by John Hintz (I have known him since high school) who is perfect for this group: he is exacting, especially rhythmically (percussionist as well) and yet respectful in his corrections. 

And today-my gmail account was restored!  Yay!

PS: FPS will have a fun Christmas surprise, but we will not post it until AFTER Thanksgiving.....

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