Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Pittsburgh Flute Academy

The Flute Academy in Pittsburgh is the creation of the enthusiastic and energetic Wendy Webb Kumer, shown conducting above.  Saturday morning I arrived to set up the Flute Pro Shop display. An orange traffic cone with my name on it greeted me, reserving the prime space next to the door.  A great big favor, trust me.  In the hall, City Flutes, an ensemble of adult flutists, were sightreading their Christmas program music, and sounding very good in the process.  Wendy's blend of humor, thoughtful corrections, and stories about the music, made the set up entertaining for me.

Soon, the high school flute group joined the adults (shown above), and the ensemble grew in size and sound.  And finally, the youngest students came in.  At that time, Wendy was marshaling the forces of 40+ flutists of all ages.  Amazing.

Wendy provided lunch, and the entire group descended on the display tables.  Great fun as folks chose their favorite FluterScooter bags, B/G products, Flute Flags, K&M flute stands, music, and flutes.  

An unexpected treat: I saw old friends, Joe and Stacey, who even helped in the clean up process. 

Many talented flutists contribute to our art form.  Wendy is one of them.  She is a terrific flutist who has dedicated herself to her teaching studio and the Flute Academy.  So many there on Saturday told me how much this program means to them, how this is why they are still playing the flute.  Way to go, Wendy!

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