Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Planning for the Flute Spa

What a fun way to spend a Tuesday morning!  My friend Mindy came to the shop and we spent an hour doing flute technique!  Not sure if we laughed or played more, but we did make it through Taffanel-Gaubert No. 10 and 11 unscathed, as well as a fun pitch exercise that tunes one and two octaves, fifths, and major and minor thirds.  This is a lot like going to the gym with a friend: I can do almost anything with a pleasant companion...

Since we had so much fun, we decided to meet every week with a goal in mind.  That goal: going through the entire Taffanel-Gaubert in one day!

Who needs Mt. Everest?

For the accomplishment of this feat, we must train.

In true athletic form, we will "work harden".

Each week, our sessions will become longer by 10 minutes.  For instance, next week we will do all of No. 1, followed by Nos. 12 and 13, and the pitch exercise. 

As the weeks pass, our sessions will become longer, and more strenuous.

By the end of August we will be in true concert shape.

And, ready for the Flute Spa.

After a hearty breakfast, we will warm up our sounds, and then....play all of the Taffanel-Gaubert in the one day.

Each daily exercise will be followed by a brief break. Early in the day, we will pause for coffee or tea.  When we finish No. 8 we will have lunch, for which we will be famished.

Then for the afternoon, Nos. 9 - 17.

And our reward?  A chair massage by Ginny!  The rest of the shop crew will be enjoying their chair massages as Mindy and I finish our grueling technical work out.

Maybe we can set up a virtual Flute Spa!


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