Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Meet the Flute Pro Shop Team!

All of us here at Flute Pro Shop are preparing to be without Dave as he heads to Japan for the next two weeks.   The purpose of the trip is the highest level of repair technician certification from the Muramatsu Company.  While there, Dave will work in the factory finishing flutes, and familiarize himself with the Muramatsu manufacturing process.

 We will miss him while he is away, to be sure.

It's so interesting how a group like this can become like a family, united around a set of principles and values that drive the business and forge relationships that are now moving outside of the shop into social connections.

Let me introduce you to our crew here at FPS.

Me: Joan Sparks, President and Director of Sales and Marketing.  If you have been reading these posts you know just about everything about me.  Actually, maybe more than you want to....

David Kee, Vice President of FPS and Chief Repair Technician.  Dave is the steadying force here.  I tend to react to situations in a manner that is not always calm and contained.  Dave, on the other hand, is a calm and circumspect presence.  He has a wonderful capability to see situations from all sides, weigh them, and then react. Dave has a wry sense of humor, and can turn a phrase that makes us all double over in laughter. His integrity when it comes to the quality of his work is unparalleled.

Cara, Business Manager.  Cara has the most amazing phone voice and manners.  She is often the friendly person on the line when people call in.  She is all business, efficient, and brilliant when it comes to strategics.  She also reigns me in.  I have two tendencies: I'd like to give away the shop, and I really want to acquire inventory.  Lots of inventory.  So, when Cara gets that light in her eyes, and the laser like intensity is directed at me, well, I make a more prudent choice.  Cara is the cheif party organizer too, and often supplies home baked goodies to our celebrations.

Kristen: SEO Specialist, Sales Assistant.  Like what FPS does on FaceBook, Twitter, and more?  It's all Kristen.  With one of the best set of ears in the business, she fills her roles here with incredible skill, creativity, and artistic savvy.  Kristen is the inspiration of so many of the FPS innovations, stylish ads, the new logo, and more.  She is beloved by us all, and is herself quite a wit.  We are all on our toes what here is here!

Tim, Sales Specialist, Shipping Manager, Product Manager.  Tim  is a meticulous person who packs and ships for FPS, manages the music and accessories, and takes your online orders and fulfills them.  He is developing a very fine teaching studio of flute and sax players, and this year had several students place in the Delaware All State Band.  Tim is also training in the repair department, showing patience and the same meticulous attention to detail he shows in the shipping of themany valuable instruments entrusted to us here at FPS.

Denise: Business Assistant, Travel Manager.  I have known Denise forever!  When we needed this role to be filled, I knew she would be the very best person to come in, get the job done, and be a great fit to our convivial group, and so she has.  Denise is amazing at finding travel deals that are both economical and comfortable, which yours truly needs on the road.  She also is calm and deals with our customers in a truly professional manner.  Denise is also the one who keeps us decorated each season, manages the flow of repairs in and out of the shop, and follows up with phone calls.

This crew makes it a real pleasure to come to work each day, and are why our shop is continuing to grow and prosper.  Life at Flute Pro Shop is good.

Next up: The Pets of Flute Pro Shop!

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