Tuesday, February 5, 2013

TransAtlantic Communication

6:00 AM.  The ring of my text message wakes me.

CLS (my son, Christopher, in graduate school in Maastricht, the Netherlands) It hailed for two straight hours this morning.

I read: CTS (my daughter, Caroline, in school in Florida)) I hurled for two straight hours this morning.

Me: (no glasses, dark room, barely awake) Oh my dear Peaches! (Caroline's nickname) I am so sorry.  NPO for 2 hours.  Sleep.  Call me if you need to.

CLS: This is CLS

Me: Oh, So sorry.  Not awake yet.  Should have known it was you by the verb.  Nothing at all to eat/drink for 2 hours.  Then small sips of coke for awhile.  Then nibble crackers.  Very bland diet all day.  Do you have a fever??

CLS:  Mom. HAIL.  It has been hailing outside.  Hahaha sorry to wake you up, love you.

Me:  I wasn't awake and didn't have my glasses when I read that.  Joke is on me!!

Me: And I was just thinking how you needed your mom all the way in the Netherlands...

Me:  I'll be this little conversation gets a lot of mileage on both sides of the Atlantic.

CLS: Hahahaha.  Everyone here thinks you are crazy haha. 


Me: May I blog about our conversation?

CLS:  Sure.  Make sure you mention that you thought I was Caroline.

Wonder how they say "hurl" in German??

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