Friday, July 27, 2012

The all-new FREE Flute Pro Shop App is here!

So I was sitting at my desk last week, minding my own business (really) and the phone rang.  It was "One Box Apps" on the line.  Did we want an App for Flute Pro Shop?

Did I ask anyone else?
Did I take down the information and contemplate the expense vs. benefits?
Did I consider that this could be a mistake?

What did I do? I said. "Yes!"

Then I asked the price, and was pleasantly surprised at how reasonable the whole process would be.

Lucky me.

Only then did I check it out with everyone in the shop.  Again, lucky me, they agreed.

The App is available on Google Play today, July 27, 2012.

Within 2 weeks, it will be available on Apple's App Store.

You can do cool things with it:

Check out our locations with maps and turn-by-turn directions.
Record your playing and let us tell you if it is the flute, or you!  Great for scheduling repairs.
Schedule an instrument trial, lesson, or repair.
Call with a push of the button.
Search the web site for music, accessories, or instruments.
Upload a photo from your flute event into our gallery.
Access our video library.
And more....

Please download the Flute Pro Shop App and join the fun!

You know the best part of  the whole thing?  My (grown)  kids think it is "awesome"!

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