Tuesday, May 29, 2012

NEW!!! Flute Pro Shop Skype Consultations

 Sifting through the mountains of materials about flutes, manufacturers, construction, materials, and who-plays-what makes the process of finding the perfect flute for you arduous and terrifying, especially if you are undertaking this search on your own.

Flute Pro Shop to the rescue!!!

Email joan@fluteproshop.com and set up your personalized Skype session with me, Joan Sparks.  I will ask a million questions: Why did you choose the flute? How much do you practice? (Try not to lie here) How long have you been at this practice level? Who have your teachers been? Are you an athlete?  What is your flute story?  All the while I will be taking notes and creating a profile for you. From here, we will begin to map out a process to select the flute that best suits your needs, dreams, and level of performance.

This process is valuable for local as well as out-of-town clients because we begin to form a relationship built on your individual needs before you even get into the shop.  It allows me to have informed choices of instruments for you to try.  It eliminates the overwhelming feeling of wondering, "I wonder what the 3rd flute down in this cabinet full of flutes sounds like?"  The hand selection process allows you to feel confident and have FUN!

We will also work within your budget and time frame.  Sometimes this process takes months.  Someone just bought a Haynes 5% gold flute (simply gorgeous!) after looking for the better part of a year.  It was worth it.  She is in heaven with this flute.

Some others can decide in 10 minutes, which is my own personal style.

The most frequent request I hear is for instruments with more resistance.  Sometimes we will start with the most resistant flute in the shop, and work toward less resistance.  This often defines resistance to the client, resulting in a much different purchase than might have been the first impulse.

The fun in this to me is the smile and the wonderful change in body language when the right flute has been selected.  I live for those smiles!!

Looking forward to your emails!!!

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