Monday, April 16, 2012

Greetings from Dayton, Ohio!

Photo: Me at Central Ohio Flute Association Flute Festival at OSU.

Hello all!  Such a busy travel season and I am afraid I have not posted as much as usual. Right now I am in Highland Heights, KY getting ready to visit the amazing Nina Perlove and make a video with her.  Should be a real adventure!

The first visit was to Indiana University of Pennsylvania, where I visited the flute studio of Dr. Therese Wacker.  Terri is a fine flutist and wonderful teacher who has a studio of 12 students at IUP and a private studio as well.  The students had a great knowledge of repertoire and  the music sold like hot cakes! (my dad's expression-means they bought lots!)  This gave me an opportunity to get to know Terri which was a real treat.  Her rapport with the students and their positive relationships with each other gave me a glimpse of a very supportive and positive studio.  We had a great time over dinner, and shared flute stories and laughs.

Then it was on to OSU and the Central Ohio Flute Association's Flute Festival featuring Jean Ferrandis.  First off I must say that the campus of OSU is something to be seen to be believed.  No wonder the Buckeyes are so proud of their school!  After moving in, however, I was in the choral rehearsal room for the duration, sharing that space with Flute World, Flute Specialists, Burkart and Weait Music.  Erin Torres did a fabulous job organizing the students to help with moving in and out.  And the students did the hard work of lugging all the stuff willingly and cheerfully.  Unfortunately the exhibits were far away from the flute events, so I missed some of my friends.  But all in all it was a great day, in spite of the weather.

The next day, after meeting up with friends, I went to the University of Akron to visit George Pope.  We had a great conversation about flute playing and pedagogy, and it was a real treat to visit with someone I have long admired.  Earlier today I went to Dayton to meet a favorite student for lunch and had another surprise at just how lovely and big that campus is!! My student is thriving as a Music Therapy major.  What a wonderful, giving career choice.

I spent a year in Oxford, Ohio, at Miami University where my husband finished his Architecture degree.  So, as I was in the neighborhood I swung by.  What a difference a few decades make.  The school is HUGE, and all the buildings are red brick so they look contextual.  Busy, busy place.

I hate to admit it but it will be great to get home.

Another angle at OSU!

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