Thursday, February 9, 2012

David Kee's Excellent Adventure in California

                                                                     Paul Rabinov (left) and David Kee at Paul's repair shop in LA.

Have you ever known someone and admired their talents, worked in the same space with them, had lots of things in common and then one day you find out how really amazing they are?  That's just what has happened here at Flute Pro Shop.

Let me explain.  Several months ago, I had an email from Val at Muramatsu America saying that they were starting a new program that involved the certification of repair technicians for work on their instruments.  My response was: Finally!  The number of times we have repaired "repairs from other shops" indicates that this kind of certification and regulation is badly needed in this field.  Fortunately, Dave Kee, our FPS repair technician, was in agreement and as enthusiastic as I was of the idea and the opportunity it represented.

This is why Dave is having an Excellent Adventure in California as I am writing this blog and looking out at a snowy parking lot.  I digress....

Dave is in (sunny) CA studying advanced repair techniques with the legendary Paul Rabinov, repair technician to the stars of the LA recording industry, orchestras, studios, etc.  Paul has been to Japan a couple of times to train with the flute makers at Muramatsu, and is recognized as the leading technician of Muramatsu's in the US.  Dave's training involves a week of working at Paul's bench and being coached by him in the Clean, Oil and Adjust repair service.  Muramatsu shipped two "victim"flutes for this training, and upon his return to Delaware (in snowy February), Dave will complete two more COA's which then will be assessed by Muramatsu.  Once all of this is satisfactorily completed, Dave will receive a certificate, FPS will be listed as a certified Muramatsu repair shop, and we will join the handful of shops in the US offering repair services of this caliber. 

As he finished the first flute yesterday (a day ahead of schedule) Dave reported: "I finished the first flute, and a big studio player in LA tested it out.  He seemed really impressed and Paul was quite happy with it."

I know Dave is a great technician: he works on my flutes.  But isn't it great that the top guy in his field recognizes his abilities, and places him among the best in the US of A.  Flute Pro Shop is proud to offer this level of service to all of our customers.  Great job-as always-Dave!!!

                                                          Looks like Dave is enjoying his excellent adventure in LA!

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